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Here are a few of the items we have for sale – this is not the full listing so if there is anything you are specifically looking for just call 0115 9400268 or email

SOLD – refractory style slate bed 6’x3′ pool diner in very good condion. New English grey napped cloth. Complete with a set of snooker and pool balls, triangles, 4 cues , cross rest, snooker score board, brush and chalk – £1400 o.v.n.o. SOLD

Coming Soon – Burroughs and watts oak steel block cushion table in excellent condition complete with accessories

Coming Soon – Unusual Modern style Brunswick 9ft American Pool table


Full size snooker table full recover bed and cushions, within 30 miles of Nottingham, please contact us if you are further away than this. Only £435.00. Two only available. Probably the cheapest in the country.

Miniature Billiard Table BOWLS set!!

Boxed set of miniature billiard table bowls, approx 2.1/4 Inc diameter. 8 number bowls, jack and chute. Can be used on carpet too. Bowls have bias just like the real thing, lots of fun – something different for your table. Very good condition: £45.00

Burroughs & Watts full size table

Magnificent Burroughs & Watts full size snooker table in Walnut with matching revolving cue rack and Life Pool scoreboard. 2 inch Welsh slate bed, includes all accessories, 6 cues, 2 cross rests, spider rest, half butt rest and cue, long butt rest and cue, snooker balls, triangle, brush, dust cover and chalk.

All cushion buttons and leg panels are there, chalk cups to 4 cushions. Features brass top plate fittings, date circa 1890s. Supplied with new cloth. Rare opportunity to acquire a full set table, scoreboard, cue rack etc at usual Burroughs quality. Price is £3500. Price does not include delivery and installation, please contact us for a quote for this. Pictures don’t really do table justice so will try to get better ones organised!

Riley Imperial table

Table circa 1928. Solid Oak throughout including internal bearers. Not to be compared with modern tables, this is very heavy, hard as iron Oak! 2 inch Welsh slate bed. Very rare Oak wooden Billiard/Snooker rails by the Hull Pocket company, almost certainly original to the table. Matching Riley Oak Scoreboard with revolving numbers. Comes complete with cues, balls, rests etc. Very contemporary table would suit an older or modern property just as well. Oak is in lovely condition. £1,500 (note this does not include a new cloth or installation, please contact us for a quote). This is one of the best tables E G Riley ever made – from their golden era!

Sams Atlas K Steel 9ft American pool table – SOLD

In good condition, dismantled and ready for collection – needs a new cloth. Bargain price £800 as is, or delivered, installed and fitted with new cloth (choice of colours), set of balls, triangle, cues etc for £1500 within 100 miles of Nottingham centre.

This table cost nearly £6000 new. It is the older, better Mk1 steel model in a rare blue marble finish, stunning looking table with 3 piece slate bed and patented leveling frame.

Sams Atlas Bison 8ft American pool table – SOLD

Slate bed, in good used condition, electronic coin mechanisms, but need new batteries so are selling this as untested free play tables.

Cloths need replacing – these tables are over £4000 new, bargain dismantled, ready for collection for £600 or delivered, installed and re-covered to ground floor within 100 miles of Nottingham centre for £1000 which includes balls, cues etc and a choice of cloth colours if taking this option.

And now for something completely different !!

LOG CABIN for sale – advertising on behalf of one of our clients – table is not for sale though – we are moving it to clients new build!

Log cabin for sale, 9 metres x 5 metres. Approximately 10 years old in Red Cedar, fully insulated, buyer to dismantle and collect. Offers invited, table is NOT included as I am moving it to my new place. Cabin is located in Bedford. Contact Brian on 0115 9400268 or email

Poker Table

Large Brunswick dual sided Mahogany Poker table complete with 6 matching chairs. This is a large, fantastic looking piece of furniture, virtually as new, possibly the only one in the country! Selling on behalf of a client please contact the customer directly on 07784597765. The table is located in Chester.

Recent Posts

Re-tipping a cue

There is no reason you should not be able to re-tip your own cue. It is neither a black art nor difficult. Below is the method I use – that’s not to say it is the only way, but it is the one I find the simplest and most reliable. Bear in mind I don’t just re-tip a few cues a year but hundreds if not thousands! Right off the bat, let me say this is for standard tips like blue diamond, elkmaster, blue crown, tweetens etc. not the latest super duper 30 quid a pop 3-toed ant eater leather or leather from a 1920s Rolls Royce Silver Wraith. (I’ve nothing against them some people swear by them – some just swear at them!)

Firstly after removing the old tip (if it’s not fell off already) carefully file the end of the cue down using a fine metal file, keeping the file square with the cue end – make sure you remove any old traces of glue. It is essential the end of the cue is flat and square, close one eye and look across the top of the cue rotating the cue at the same time if you are unsure how flat it is.

Now take a tip of slightly larger size than the end of your cue, using fine or medium sand or emery paper sand the back of the tip down – the reason for this is most tips are slightly concave and if you don’t sand it the odds are it will come straight off or at best sound hollow when striking the ball. It’s fairly obvious when it’s sanded properly the tip will have sanding marks across the whole diameter.

Now we come to the type of glue to use – I prefer superglue gel slightly thicker than standard superglue and a bit easier to apply than the watery stuff. Just a dab on top of the cue sufficient to cover the complete cue end (don’t overdue it or you will find your fingers and everything else will also stick to the cue.) Carefully place the tip on top of the cue making sure the tip is central and press down firmly. I usually tap the tip down with a small hammer or upend the cue and press down on a hard floor surface. You should not incidentally score either the cue end or the tip to rough the surface up to get more grip – superglue is an anaerobic product meaning it sticks in the absence of oxygen so the flatter and smoother the surfaces the better. It’s good stuff – jumbo jets are glued together with it though probably with a stronger version – I hope so anyway!

To trim the excess tip off, upend the cue on a block or piece of wood and carefully pare it down with a sharp and I do mean sharp craft knife. You can use a fine file to finish though careful use of the knife is usually sufficient. Don’t be tempted to use sandpaper in a downward motion as you will be slowly thinning the cue down – it may not be that noticeable but it’s surprising how quickly this thinning process can occur.

Problems – occasionally the glue just won’t seem to stick, if this happens very slightly dampen both the cue end and the tip and try again. Persist and it will stick!

There are other glues and tip cements but they nearly all require either a cue clamp or need leaving overnight to cure, superglue you can pretty much play straight away.

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