Moving/Transporting tables

Dismantling and re-erecting a Snooker table is really a specialist job, particularly with the larger sectional tables – 9ft, 10ft and full size.

Just some of the specialist items we move tables with, including trolleys, webbing and armoured gloves. The wooden tool behind is a custom made slide used to bring slates down steep stairs.

Full size tables can have slate beds close to a ton in weight. We have the equipment, manpower and experience to move and transport any size of Snooker and Pool table. We have recently come across a customer who tried to dismantle a full size table themselves and had removed all the frame bolts before removing the cushions and slate bed leaving the table in a VERY dangerous unstable state. It could have toppled over at any time causing serious injury or even death. Needless to say we carefully put all the bolts back before dismantling the table the correct way.

If you do decide to move a table yourself – maybe its a smaller 6, 7, 8ft or a full size table where cost is an issue please contact us for advice, freely given so we can at least give you a heads up on how to go about it safely!!

Some more tools of the trade.