Snooker table Diners

There are a number of snooker/dining tables which, as the name implies, have a dual purpose. Now it may seem just a case of adding a dining top to a snooker table right?

Not quite that simple as most snooker tables have deep side rails (you can’t get chairs underneath them!) and in any case dining height is some 4/5 inches lower. So manufacturer’s like Riley’s came with up with a clever dual height adjustment system.

One of these simple but ingenious brass and steel slides placed at each corner, simply lifting the table up locking it off at the higher height, lifting again lowers the table back to dining height. Narrow frame rails mean chairs fit underneath with clearance for peoples legs. These tables go from 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft – 8ft being the largest stock table, capable of allowing dining for 8/10 people.

6ft x 3ft Riley Snooker Diner

There are a rare number of 9ft snooker diners out there but the problem with these is they are sectional slate beds as 8ftx4ft is the largest available single piece of slate, so are very heavy and difficult to lift into position, requiring constant leveling.

There are other rare wind up tables and roll-over tables where the entire centre section spins over, however these are not a particular favourite of mine as it’s possible to trap a hand or finger in them, also the added extra width of the external frame can hinder play.

8ft Rollover Snooker Diner