2019 Championship pockets?

I am sure we have all seen shots on the televised competition tables that would never have gone in on our club tables?

Well firstly you are seeing shots from angles on TV that you don’t normally see – the recent innovation of slow motion also adds to the confusion.

There is no doubt championship pockets have been getting more generous in the last few years – an admission of this is the tightening of the middle pockets in this year’s 2019 World Snooker Championship, though the corners remain easy compared to many much older club tables.

There were over 100 centuries in this years tournament, beating the previous record of 86 which is quite telling. Certainly the large number of competitive competitions has raised the players standard but the pockets do play a part. Ultimately, it’s down to television and the sponsors, big breaks make good TV and easier pockets bring lesser known players into the game giving them a chance against the better players.

That’s in no way to decry the ability of the top players – if pockets were 3 times the size on my local club table and I practiced 8 hours every day I would never get anywhere the standard of the top 100 players, I know, I’ve tried!

As a final note there is talk of tightening the pockets up a bit more next year, we shall have to wait and see!

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